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TFO has the W3 power!

Toronto, October 21st – Once again, TFO (the Ontario French-language Educational Communications Authority) has won world recognition for its achievements in creating on-line educational resources. It has been awarded a W3 Silver Award in the Education category for its website was chosen by the jury – whose members are among the world’s leading website producers – for several reasons. Its modular presentation makes it easy to navigate, stunning interactive animations turn complex concepts into fun to learn subjects, video clips of lessons shot in the classroom are great inspirations for teachers.

TFO has been recognized among the best web producers in the world for its website, which is produced in collaboration with the Ministry of Education of Ontario. This site is aimed at elementary school teachers and it includes more than 5000 pages of resources to help them improve their pupils’ numeracy and literacy skills.

The website is universally accessible. It also includes a module for parents who want to know more about how their children learn and what they learn.

With this award, TFO is further anchoring its position as a world leader in creating on-line educational resources.

The W³ Awards honour creative excellence on the World Wide Web. This organism is sanctioned and judged by the International Academy of the Visual Arts.



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