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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 Why do I need Flash Player 8?
Most of the elements of this site require Flash Player 8 in order to be read by your browser.
Q2 Why can't I hear any audio and/or see any video?
Make sure that your speakers are turned on, that the sound on your computer is not muted, and that the volume is set high enough.
If the problem persists, it is probably due to your network’s security configuration. Please have your Network Administrator contact TFO at 1 800 387-8435 EXT 8246.
Q3 Why can’t I view PDF files?
Make sure that the free software Acrobat Reader is installed on your computer.
If you receive the message ‘Page Not Found’, please let us know.
Q4 How do I print pages from the modules?
Module pages can be printed by using the Print function of your browser. You can also click on the print icon located at the top right-hand corner of each module page.
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