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Sabrina's Law is about education and prevention.
Let's act together to help protect all pupils with life-threatening allergies.
Reducing risks
Emergency response

In Memory of Sabrina

Photograph of Sabrina Shannon. Illustration of a young girl with angel wings drawned by Sabrina Shannon.
  Sabrina was a spirited, talented teen who was severely allergic to dairy, peanut and soy. Sabrina lived large but at the same time, when it came to her allergies and asthma, she did not take risks. On the day of her fatal reaction, Sabrina inquired about the French fries she ordered, which were thought to be safe as she had eaten them in the cafeteria once before. Investigators ruled out peanuts and soy as a source of the reaction. Their investigation led them to suspect that her reaction was caused by inadvertent contamination of the French fries with milk product via the use of tongs, however, this could not be definitively ascertained.

Pupils at risk of anaphylaxis have a responsibility to take care of themselves, but we all have a role to play in creating safer environments for them. Education and training enable us to be prepared for the unexpected and respond appropriately in an emergency. Sabrina's fighting spirit lives on through the law named in her honour. Sabrina's Law is her legacy and the driving force in our endeavor to prevent more tragedies.

Let us never forget her.


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