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Sabrina's Law is about education and prevention.
Let's act together to help protect all pupils with life-threatening allergies.
Reducing risks
What is anaphylaxis?
School Board's Anaphylaxis Policy
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More strategies tips and suggestions to reduce the risk of exposure to anaphylactic causative agents
  • School boards may wish to consider requiring schools to develop a school anaphylaxis plan. A school should consider putting safety first and continuously strive to create an "allergy-safe" vs. "allergy-free" (e.g. peanut-free) environment. No guarantee should be given, explicitly or implicitly that there will be zero risk.
  • Designate areas for eating (e.g., "safe zones" for pupils with food allergy), no food/drinks in common areas (e.g. library, computer labs).
  • Make a voluntary community appeal to help keep school environments allergy-safe by not sending specific allergens in lunches or as snacks.
  • Wash hands before and after eating. Liquid or bar soap or antibacterial wipes can effectively remove peanut butter residue. Anti-bacterial hand sanitizers are not as effective in removing peanut butter residue.
  • Clean surfaces before and after eating, and dispose of food. Common household cleaners, sanitizing wipes and bleach containing cleaners are effective in removing peanut residue from surfaces.
  • Reduce allergens in vending machines.
  • School boards should consider requiring "No Eating" rule during daily travel on school buses.
  • Consider non-food items for celebrations and rewards.
  • Do not circulate lists of "safe foods" as they can change or become outdated.
  • For school trips
    • Advise adult supervisors about pupils with severe allergies.
    • Have a cell phone available.
    • Ensure that each pupil with life-threatening allergies has an extra epinephrine auto-injector.
    • Know location of and route to nearest medical facility.
  • For insect sting allergy
    • Remove hives or nests of stinging insects from school property.
    • Avoid areas where stinging insects gather.
    • Drink from cups rather than beverage cans or bottles, or use a straw.


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